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Atmospheric corrosivity category
(Refer to AS 4312 and ISO 9223)
Indoor dry Air-conditioned (not ventilated externally)Most areas of Australia beyond 50 km from the sea but can be as close as 1 km from relatively sheltered waters.In coastal areas with significant surf, this area extends from around 1 km to 50 km, varying significantly with winds, topography and vegetation. Around sheltered bays it extends from around 50 m to 1 km from the shoreline.Occurs mainly on the coast in areas with rough seas and surf, extending from around 300 m to 1 km inland. Around sheltered bays it extends up to 50 m from the shoreline.
Components inaccessible for maintenance
Roof framing system – unventilatedAACC
Roof framing system – ventilatedNABCD
Wall framing system – unventilatedAACC
Wall framing system – ventilatedNABCD
Floor bearers and joists including intermediate floors – unventilatedAACC
Floor bearers and joists – ventilatedNABDD
Decking/balcony – integral
(eg cantilevered)
Ceiling battensACC
Components accessible for maintenance
Roof battensNABCC
Stumps and piers supporting main buildingNACCC
Decking/balcony – independent of main structureNABCC
Verandah beams and raftersNABCD
Verandah posts and stumpsNABCD
Carport rafters and beamsNACCD
Carport postsNABCD
Lower storey unlined eaves and pergola rafters and beamsABCD
Pergola postsNABCD

 Hot dip metallic coated strip AS 1397   
Protection designation
(Refer to Table B1)
ZincAluminium/ZincAluminium/Magnesium/ZincOpen sections Zinc/Aluminium AS/NZS 4791Hollow sections either: Hot Dipped Galvanised (ZB, ILG, HDG) or Electroplated (ZE) - Zinc AS/NZS 4792 AS 4750Post fabrication hot dip galvanised Zinc AS/NZS 4680
BZ275AZ150AM150IZA75ZB100/100, ILG100HDG320
CZ275AZ150AM150IZA75HDG300, ILG140, ZB135/135HDG320

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