Adjustable steel piers & stumps for any floor

Why the choice is Ezi


Supporting all Red Alert and Hyspan bearers


Supporting 50mm wide roll formed Boxspan bearers. Also come part of a designed kit sub-floor system.


Ideal for standard lengths of steel, rectangular hollow sections such as Duragal, Allgal and Supagal.


Supporting all hardwood timber

Adjustable steel piers & stumps for any floor

Why the choice is Ezi

Why the choice is Ezi

Ezipier – flush to building line

Designed so piers do not protrude outside the building line making it a neater finish for all trades.

Ezibrace – high capacity, fast installation

A high capacity bracing system that’s easy to install on low-set and high-set elevated floors.

Engineered and

Ezipier heads and bases have been engineered in a variety of sizes to suit most site loads.


Cast iron designed top and base providing maximum strength and corrosion resistance.

Benefits of Ezipier

Benefits of Ezipier

True adjustability: Adjusting an Ezipier head is done by turning a nut not by removing bolts or tek screws.

Safe perimeter: Because Ezipier heads are designed for a flush finish there are no protruding components to hurt you when walking by.

Clear termite inspection point: Solid threaded rod – simple and easy to inspect, doesn’t interfere with cladding (note ant caps which can interfere with cladding are still only inspection points not “barriers”).

Base plate protector: The first pier system to provide a high capacity (5mm thick) composite protector to separate the base plate from the concrete footing for added protection against ponding of water.

Affordable flexibility & convenience: The range of Ezipier heads have been designed to suit standard post sizes to handle most residential loads of up to 5m heights and for ease of purchase from local merchants.

Protection: Now you have the option to choose posts with higher protection when required to suit site conditions such as coastal areas.

Non-combustible: Can be used in bushfire prone areas.

Benefits of Ezibrace


Minimal wastage: With the Ezibrace joiner utilise small offcuts of SHS bracing tube without losing capacity.

Sloping sites: Piers and posts are typically used on uneven sites where it makes sense to have a cross bracing system like Ezibrace that allows for bracing posts of different heights.

Benefits of Ezibrace

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Cut installation time in ½: We still can’t believe how easy we’ve made it! During onsite Ezibrace testing we found that most sub-floor bracing will take about half the time compared to systems we’ve used in the past. It’s quick to install and in high wind applications the Ezibrace system can be adapted to achieve a higher capacity so you need fewer bracing bays to resist wind loads.

High lateral bracing capacity: The design of the Ezipier paddle and joiner allows for a high number of screws if required by your engineer. This combined with the 30×30 SHS bracing tube can provide you a high capacity to restrain from lateral forces between 5°- 60° degree angles.


These are some recent tv shows and projects that feature Ezipier. From supporting decks to homes on sloping sites to high load commercial floors. Ezipier can also be used for re-stumping and rectification work to get floor back to level.

  • The Living Room 2018

  • Commercial Floors

  • Raised Floors

  • The Block 2020

  • House Rules 2017

  • Timber Sub Floors

  • High-set floors

  • Two Storey

  • Flush finish

  • Ezibrace

Anatomy of Ezipier & Ezibrace System

By breaking down the structure of the Ezipier and Ezibrace system you get a clear understanding of the function of each component and why this pier and bracing system is the easiest you’ll ever install.

For technical specifications and how components go together click on the links below.


1. Ezipier Components

  • EAPH-L

    Supports internal & external bearers 58mm-75mm in width.

    Timber LVL bearers
    Steel “C” section bearers

    Product codes/post sizes:
    89mm EAPH-L
    90mm EAPH-L

  • EAPH10050

    For internal & external bearers 50mm wide. Ideal for decks.

    RHS steel bearers
    Boxspan deck bearers

    Product codes/post sizes:

  • U-50 ADJ HEAD

    Suits 50mm wide bearers that are at least 150mm in height.

    Boxspan steel bearers
    RHS steel bearers

    Product codes/post sizes:

  • U-100 ADJ HEAD

    Internal & external double 2 x 50mm wide bearers.

    Boxspan steel bearers
    RHS steel bearers

    Product codes/post sizes:


    Base plate to sit inside SHS posts. Available in 3 different sizes.

    Suitable for:
    89x89x3.5mm SHS posts

    Product codes/post sizes:


    Base protector to separate base from concrete footing.

    Suitable for:
    Standard Ezipier Bases

    Product code:




    Select post size for your site loads. See Ezipier technical specs.

    Coating options:
    Galvanised Steel ZB135
    Hot Dipped Galvanised

    Available sizes:

2. Ezibrace Components


    Can be fixed to bearers or posts. See Technical specs for capacities.

    Suitable for:
    Sub-floor bracing &
    other bracing applications

    Product code:


    For joining SHS bracing
    tube off-cuts.

    Suitable for:
    30x30x1.6mm SHS

    Product code:


    30X30X1.6mm SHS bracing tube used between Ezibrace paddles.

    Coating options:
    Galvanised Steel ZB135
    Hot Dipped Galvanised

    Product codes:


3. Accessories

  • TRUBOLT – M12x100

    Fixing Ezipier base plates to concrete pad footings.

    Product code:

    Alternative fasteners:

  • 12-24×32 SCREW

    Self tapping screw for fixing Ezipier heads and bases to posts.

    Product code:

    Alternative Fasteners:

  • 14-20×22 SCREW

    Self tapping screw for fixing Ezibrace paddles/joiners to SHS.

    Product code:

    Alternative Fasteners:


    Designed specifically for use with adjustable Ezipier heads.

    Product code:


Choosing posts for your project

Compatible post sizes: 90x90x2.0 | 89x89x3.5

Get The Right Size

The Ezipier adjustable heads and bases have been designed to work easily with two common SHS (post) sizes. These can be readily sourced from steel merchants and many hardware and building supply outlets. This also gives you the flexibility to choose a posts size to match what you’re building from a deck close to the ground up to a high set house sub-floor.

Get The Right Protection

You also have the added benefit of choosing between different protective coatings to suit the level of protection required for your environment. SHS posts (also referred to as tube) are available in two different coating finishes: Standard galvanised steel and batched hot-dip galvanising.

Helpful Info

Standard Galvanised Steel Hot-Dip Galvanised
Main Benefit Available from most steel merchants & building suppliers. Can achieve a higher level of protection for a project than galvanised steel.
Shelf product Yes No, Secondary process required
Stock Lengths 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m Job Lots
Lead time Available for pickup
Delivery 3-5 Days
12-14 working days
Pricing Mid level, higher than black steel Qty/Project based
Paintable finish Yes No
Suitable for coastal areas Refer to the table below Yes
Level of protection ZB135 or equivalent HDG 390 - 1.6-2.0mm
HDG 500 - 3.5-6.0mm
(390g/m2 or 500g/m2 per side)
More Info See Below Link

Standard Galvanised Steel

Available from most steel merchants & building supplies.

Main benefit Available from most steel merchants & building suppliers.
Shelf product Yes
Stock lengths 6m, 8m
Lead time Stock product to 7 days
Pricing Mid level, higher than black steel
Paintable finish Yes
Suitable for coastal areas No
Level of protection Z100 (50g/m2 per side or 100g/2 on only one side)


Much higher protection than galvanised steel.

Main benefit Much higher protection than galvanised steel - equivalent to HDG 500 (from Orrcon Steel).
Shelf product Yes (Orrcon Steel branches)
Stock lengths 6m, 8m
Lead time Stock product to 7 days
Pricing Equivalent to HDG
Paintable finish Yes
Suitable for coastal areas Yes
Level of protection ZM275 (137.5g/m2 per side)
Equivalent to HDG 500
More Info Link

Hot-Dip Galvanised

Can create the protection specified for the project by further galvanising.

Main benefit Can achieve a higher level of protection for a project than galvanised steel.
Shelf product No, Secondary process required
Stock lengths Job Lots
Lead time 3 days to 3 weeks depending on location
Pricing Qty/Project based
Paintable finish No
Suitable for coastal areas Yes
Level of protection HDG 390 - 1.6-2.0mm
HDG 500 - 3.5-6.0mm
(390g/m2 or 500g/m2 per side)
More Info Link

Protection requirements for steel framing components
in various atmospheric environments

Atmospheric corrosivity category
(Refer to AS 4312 and ISO 9223)
Indoor dry Air-conditioned (not ventilated externally)Most areas of Australia beyond 50 km from the sea but can be as close as 1 km from relatively sheltered waters.In coastal areas with significant surf, this area extends from around 1 km to 50 km, varying significantly with winds, topography and vegetation. Around sheltered bays it extends from around 50 m to 1 km from the shoreline.Occurs mainly on the coast in areas with rough seas and surf, extending from around 300 m to 1 km inland. Around sheltered bays it extends up to 50 m from the shoreline.
Components inaccessible for maintenance
Roof framing system – unventilatedAACC
Roof framing system – ventilatedNABCD
Wall framing system – unventilatedAACC
Wall framing system – ventilatedNABCD
Floor bearers and joists including intermediate floors – unventilatedAACC
Floor bearers and joists – ventilatedNABDD
Decking/balcony – integral
(eg cantilevered)
Ceiling battensACC
Components accessible for maintenance
Roof battensNABCC
Stumps and piers supporting main buildingNACCC
Decking/balcony – independent of main structureNABCC
Verandah beams and raftersNABCD
Verandah posts and stumpsNABCD
Carport rafters and beamsNACCD
Carport postsNABCD
Lower storey unlined eaves and pergola rafters and beamsABCD
Pergola postsNABCD

Metallic coating specifications for steel members

Hot dip metallic coated strip AS 1397
Protection designation
(Refer to Table B1)
ZincAluminium/ZincAluminium/Magnesium/ZincOpen sections Zinc/Aluminium AS/NZS 4791Hollow sections either: Hot Dipped Galvanised (ZB, ILG, HDG) or Electroplated (ZE) - Zinc AS/NZS 4792 AS 4750Post fabrication hot dip galvanised Zinc AS/NZS 4680
BZ275AZ150AM150IZA75ZB100/100, ILG100HDG320
CZ275AZ150AM150IZA75HDG300, ILG140, ZB135/135HDG320
1. For coating designations to:
• AS 1397, the 3 digit number denotes total grams per square metre on both surfaces
• AS 4750, AS/NZS 4680, AS/NZS 4791 and AS/NZS 4792, the 2 or 3 digit number denotes grams per square metre on each surface
2. HDG denotes hot dip galvanizing by a batch process
3. ILG denotes an inline galvanizing process
4. ZB denotes hollow sections rolled from galvanized steel strip
5. ZE denotes a zinc electroplating process
6. IZA denotes an inline zinc/aluminium coating process
7. Where used externally, the selection of coatings in the table is based on the surface being regularly washed (eg by rain or owner maintenance). The supplier of the product or protective coating system should provide recommended maintenance requirements for the specified service environment
8. Alternative protective coating systems may be used subject to satisfactory evidence of equivalent performance
9. Availability of specific coatings on particular steel sections may vary from place to place. Check local availability before specifying
10. Specifications in horizontally adjoining boxes are acceptable for that designation but are not necessarily equivalent.

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Building Differently From The Start

If you remember the days, like we do, when brick piers were the norm you’ll understand how far subfloor supports (stumps or piers) have come. At Spantec Systems not only do we make the adjustable Ezipier and Ezibrace but we also invented the whole concept of using a steel pier to replace a brick pier more than 20 years ago.

The steel Ezipier was then available only as part of our complete designed Boxspan steel sub-floor system. But now we’ve made the decision to unlock some of our offering and give the opportunity for anyone who builds sub-floors to use our piers and bracing components. So no matter what type of bearers and joists you’re using; LVL’s, hardwood, steel RHS and “C” sections there is an adjustable pier head to suit.

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Our History

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